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Specializing in Convex and Safety Mirrors 

Stainless Steel Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors come in many shapes either a circular, dome, half or quarter dome shapes.

There are many types and sizes of convex mirrors that you can install in your facility or business.

The circular Stainless Steel Convex Mirrors are perfect for harsh outdoor conditions especially in public areas where they can be subject to abuse or vandalized. Stainless Steel mirrors are very durable and can be used indoors or outdoors environments in car parks, plazas and railway stations

All circular mirrors come in sizes 300-1000 mm diameter. Dome mirrors are best placed in low-ceiling locations or chains are used to hang the Full dome mirrors from high ceilings. These usually measure at around 400 mm to 1000 mm sizes.

These are also used as security mirrors in retail industries and public places and used as a deterrent in all areas. These particularly safety dome mirrors are also helpful in indoor outdoor areas for blind spots as they provide a full panoramic view of the location. These come in full dome, half dome and quarter dome.

The dome ranges of mirrors are lightweight and easily attached to ceilings and walls placed strategically throughout hospitals, aged care facilities and child care centers were ever there is a blind spot. All our dome mirrors are made of acrylic plastics and can endure high impacts and deliberate damage. They are also very popular in prisons and hospitals. Dome and Convex Mirrors are claimed to be a cheaper alternative for security and surveillance in public places and business. 

Dome mirrors provide both real and perceived security when located where corridors or walkways intersect.

Traffic Safety Mirrors

Safety Sense Products is a retail distributor in Australia supplying convex mirrors, dome safety mirrors, traffic safety mirrors, warehouse mirrors, retail security mirror, car park mirrors for use as safety and security mirrors in practically every industry and business. You are getting the best quality mirror for value and made with precision and guaranteed to suit your needs and last the test of time. Made from quality materials such as stainless steel, poly-carbonate and ABS plastics we are happy to supply long term guarantees to satisfy your piece of mind. All dome safety mirrors provide a wide view and broad angles to see large areas and around corners even if it’s only a cup of coffee been held whilst walking around the office building. which can prevent accidents and theft from happening. Stainless Steel Safety MirrorsDome safety mirrors allow you to see around corners and to see a large portion of your workplace at once. This is so important in all areas, such as shopping plazas, warehouses, construction sites, hospitals, childcare centers and aged care facilities are a high priority for these types of safety equipment. Areas in the workplace where pedestrians and vehicles cross paths, convex mirrors and dome safety mirrors will help prevent collisions and help eliminate the blind spots for both the drivers and the pedestrians. Also it can help minimize crimes and theft in retail industries. In particular, full dome, half dome and quarter dome safety mirrors will ensure your workplace is a lot safer in traffic and pedestrian areas.

Safety Dome Mirrors

Our company, Safety Sense Products supplies quality Safety Dome Mirrors for most industries where there are footpaths for pedestrians, traffic and equipment. Our Dome Mirrors meet a wide range of different applications and environments, practically everywhere providing improved visibility in difficult and hazardous areas. Safety Dome Mirrors are widely used throughout different industries such as plaza’s, hospitals, aged care homes, childcare centers, car parks, driveways, warehouse and factories. Our safety mirrors come in many types and sizes such as Dome Mirrors, Traffic mirrors, Half Dome and Quarter Dome Mirrors, Surveillance Mirrors, Security Mirrors, Indoor mirrors, Outdoor Mirrors and Warehouse Mirrors.
They are all designed to help prevent injuries, bumps, collisions and equipment colliding and causing damage.
Their high quality and brilliant reflective surface helps improve visibility around blind corners and difficult to see areas and surrounds. Convex mirrors also helps with theft and provides surveillance and are a deterrent in retail shops businesses and security in high sensitive populated areas.
Safety Sense Products also supplies convex mirrors for all indoor and outdoor conditions. They’re designed for outdoor environments under all extreme weather conditions, indoor and outdoor where ever they may be subjected abuse, vandalism and impacted by machinery flying objects or equipment.
Our Safety mirrors are manufactured with Polished Stainless Steel, poly-carbonate with a lasting shine, practically unbreakable, impact resistant and easy maintenance. Our Poly-carbonate Mirrors are also practically unbreakable, lightweight, easy to install on posts walls, fences, buildings and ceilings.
Our Acrylic and poly-carbonate Mirrors are also practically scratch resistant, lightweight and practical.

Stainless steel traffic mirrors

Mounted strategically throughout the work place, Convex mirrors can provide the wide angle vision that allows you to see around blind corners, over centre aisle corridors, and into hidden corners and aisle areas.Convex safety Mirrors are easy to install. Mounted simply and easily with galvanised and zinc brackets provided with every mirror. The mirrors are equipped with a universal swivel assembly of brackets, adjustable to any position or angle. You've got a broad range of safety mirrors to choose from. Safety Sense  Mirrors give you freedom of choice: Inside or out, for retail, industrial or driveway, glass, acrylic or polycarbonate, stainless steel traffic mirrors, safety mirrors, large 100cm, medium or 30cm dia small convex mirrors Very durable and economical compared to others on the market place

Convex safety mirrors

The hard working safety and security mirrors of  Safety Sense Products, are inexpensive to begin with but when you calculate their value over their long lifetime of useful service out there, you find their cost to be only cents a day Discourage shoplifters. They need to be hidden before they will risk a theft. Use Convex and dome mirrors at blind corners and in the aisles of industrial factories where traffic mirrors and convex safety mirrors are required. Also to help prevent intersection accidents in car park areas. Employees can tell at a glance, on-coming traffic, movement of vehicles that would otherwise be obscured from their direct line of vision. They literally allow you to see around the corner. When you consider what you can save in terms of insurance premiums, missed work and employee, accidents, theft, goodwill each time you prevent a forklift truck from colliding with a pallet loader, for example, at a crucial and busy T intersection in your factory or warehouse or business corridors. If you stop and think on the huge potential losses which result from bold thief’s and shoplifters helping them selves in retail aisles these days. As part of a theft deterrent package, there is no more cost-effective and cheaper way than strategically positioning Convex and Dome security mirrors within your business.

Safety Mirrors for Blind Corners

Our Safety Mirrors for Blind Corners offer superior reflection when needed for blind corners and aisles, hallways racking and where safety and security matters. They are also a perfect deterrent and security device in retail and commercial applications where visibility is obscured and blind corners, probably offer the most cost effective method of wide area surveillance. Stainless Steel Traffic Mirrors. Our Traffic Mirrors are designed for all outdoor areas to help prevent unexpected collisions, accidents and injuries. Blind corners, traffic areas, roads ways, shopping centres and car parks areas can be common problem areas and can be assisted by installing convex mirrors to help improve visibility and awareness. Indoor Mirrors. Our range of Indoor Mirrors offer that superior reflection when needed for those blind corners and aisles, to help prevent collisions between moving objects and protecting people against injury where visibility is obscured such as blind corners. They’re also a perfect deterrent and security device in retail and commercial applications and probably offer the most cost effective method of wide area surveillance and security and blind corners. Warehouse & Factory Mirrors. Our range of Warehouse and Factory Mirrors offer that superior reflection to assist pedestrian traffic and machinery use, and to help prevent injury and damage at the work place where blind corners are a problem. Help prevent costly collisions and alert others to use caution around trouble spots and blind corners such as intersections, shared traffic and pedestrian zones. These mirrors are also great around loading docks, shopping centres car parking areas and any other place where visibility is obscured.

Stainless steel safety mirrors

DIRECTOR - Safety Sense Products

 Sale and installation of safety mirrors at various commercial buildings and industrial warehouses located throughout Victoria
 Research products from local and overseas suppliers, for distribution Australia-wide
 Conduct site visits to assess requirements and complete safety audits
 Liaise directly with Managers and Safety Officers
 Prepare recommendations and written quotations
 Organise all equipment required for on-site installation, including safety barriers, signage, etc.
 Coordinate freight deliveries
 All aspects of business administration including quarterly BAS preparation, bookkeeping and records management

 Safety and security Mirrors

We are committed to help protect and keep safe our most vulnerable assets – our youngest generation.Our Convex Mirrors are designed to help make High Risk Areas more visible and assist supervision and awareness around:- Sand pits Playgrounds Behind out buildings Play equipment Main buildings Public boundaries Perimeter fencing Inside corridors & hallways L Shape activity rooms Any other area obscured from a supervisor. Our range of               Indoor safety Mirrors feature:- Superior reflection Wide area surveillance Assists with supervision & awareness Helps with blind corners Impact resistant Cost effective 

What Type and size Safety Mirror or Dome Mirror?


Select the right Safety Mirror for your application whether its a dome or safety mirror and achieve the best possible result by using the guide below. To calculate, estimate and determine what is the diameter and size mirrors are required, combine the  distance from the observer to the mirror location, and then distance from the object to the mirror. The combined distance is your guide to the correct size dome mirror or safety mirror.

Eg. A + B  (4 metres + 5 metres) = 9 metres

Therefore a 60 cm mirror would be required. If in doubt always choose the next size up or contact us by email or phone and we will be happy to advise or assess your site if possible this is a free service.

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Traffic and Outdoor Mirrors

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 The larger the mirror, the more detail.

 0 - 5 metres    30 - 45CM mirror

 5 -10 metres   45 - 60CM mirror

10 - 15 metres 60 - 80CM mirror

15 - 30 metres 80 - 100CM mirror 

Traffic and Outdoor Mirrors

Traffic and Outdoor Mirrors are designed for high risk areas, such as car parks, to help prevent collisions and improve visibility for pedestrians and vehicles. They also assist where visibility is obscured by outdoor buildings, obstacles, blind corners and hard to see areas.

Safety and Surveillance Mirrors

        For Child Care & Pre-School Centres.

As you are, we are committed in helping protect and keep safe our most vulnerable asset, the little people.

Our Convex Mirrors are designed to help make High Risk Areas, more visible and assist supervision and awareness around, sand pits, playgrounds, behind out buildings, equipment, main buildings, public boundaries and perimeter fencing or anywhere obscured from a supervisors view point.  Our specifications, diagrams and photos will assist you in choosing the right mirrors for your particular needs. We are also only a phone call away to assist in any way, and if possible we can visit your facility for a site assessment and installations of your mirrors.

Warehouse Safety Mirrors

Warehouses and other factory environments are also dangerous places to work if safety is not taken seriously and dome mirrors and convex mirrors play a very important part in these environments in order to increase visibility of workers. These safety mirrors can be extremely beneficial when placed on corners or areas of reduced visibility and are a great safety measure to put in place especially when there are motorized vehicles such as fork lifts operating within the vicinity. An outdoor convex mirror increases your field of vision in obstructed areas, around blind corners, or hidden entrances, corridors and exits. 160° viewing angle offers the widest possible viewing area and best coverage. Shock, shatterproof and unbreakable outdoor and indoor  convex mirrors are more robust and durable under extreme conditions. Their extraordinary endurance will deliver increased security and surveillance outdoors around  buildings, businesses and restricted areas.  All mirrors include adjustable swivel bracket systems zinc plated for that extra protection. Easy to install and suitable to be mounted on most walls, ceiling surfaces and posts. Other uses for safety mirrors. There are many other uses for safety mirrors including use in hospitals, shopping plazas, warehouses, factories, car parks, child care facilities, aged care facilities and in any workplace to help make corridors and traffic areas, safer.

Traffic Safety Mirrors for car parks, roadways and shopping plazas.

The work car park, supermarkets, shopping plazas and roadways are one of the most obvious places that could benefit from having safety Traffic Mirrors installed. Car parks can be dangerous places for both motorists as well as pedestrians and having safety outdoor mirrors fitted will provide much greater visibility to anyone who is present in the car park and can greatly reduce the risk of any incidents occurring. There are traffic mirrors available that are designed specifically for car parks and other road areas that see high volumes of traffic. Select from our wide range of mirrors to suit your specific need or contact us to visit and assess your site or speak to our friendly team for advice over the phone. Traffic Mirrors are designed to tolerate the harshest conditions all year round. Manufactured from durable ABS plastics, poly-carbonate and stainless steel to give that everlasting reflection. All mirror products are satisfaction guaranteed.

Traffic Stainless Steel Mirrors

Warehouses and other factory environments are also dangerous places to work if safety is not taken seriously and dome mirrors and convex mirrors play a very important part in these environments in order to increase visibility of workers. These Safety Mirrors can be extremely beneficial when placed on corners or areas of reduced visibility and are a great safety measure to put in place especially when there are motorized vehicles such as forklifts operating within the vicinity. For a longer lasting shine and quality reflection.

Traffic Stainless Steel Mirrors can be a great alternative product. It also inherits its maintenance free, Stainless Steel face for a clearer reflection and higher visibility. It has a superior image reflection that will not fade away after years of harsh climatic conditions. Its industrial grade Stainless Steel Convex Mirror is designed for all weather conditions and harsh environments and also used in areas exposed to potential vandalism and unexpected impacts.

Other uses for Safety Mirrors

There are many other uses for safety mirrors including use in hospitals, aged care facilities and in any workplace to help make corridors, corners and reduced visibility areas safer.

Indoor and Dome Mirrors

Safety Sense Products supplies convex mirrors for all conditions. They’re designed for outdoor environments under all weather conditions, indoor and outdoor where they may be subjected to vandalism and impacted by machinery or equipment.
  •  Our Safety mirrors are Polished Stainless Steel which gives a lasting shine, is unbreakable, impact resistant and maintenance free.
  •  Our Poly-carbonate Mirrors are unbreakable, lightweight and easy to install on posts walls and ceilings.
  •  Our Acrylic Mirrors are scratch resistant, lightweight and economical.
 Dome mirrors are very popular in prison system for observation and surveillance and used in any high security facility or retail industry. Their wall and ceiling mount capabilities leaves them out of reach from vandalism damage and self harm. This Acrylic plastic material is practically unbreakable and retains its crystal reflection for its whole life.


While supervising and caring for children in one area, Convex Mirrors allow staff to observe indoor and outdoor areas out of the line of sight. Save time and enhance safety with an 80 cm Traffic Outdoor Mirror (CMT80).

Mirrors in Residential properties

Residents' perceived and actual safety can be greatly enhanced by the use of safety mirrors. Blind corners in apartments and hotels can be easily eliminated using our 45cm poly-carbonate mirror (CMID45).

Driveways are dangerous places

Enhance your family's safety by installing an outdoor poly-carbonate mirror.

Who said you can't see around corners?

Well now you can with convex mirrors from safety sense. Have a look at our half dome mirrors.

Welcome to Safety Sense Products News.

The Full Dome mirror provides 360 degrees of viewing area, making it the perfect product for the industrial and commercial applications, saving companies and institutions thousands of dollars a year in easily avoidable accidents in workplace and public areas. They can also be suspended from a ceiling providing a full 4-way view, they can be mounted on a wall to provide a larger viewing area than a standard convex safety mirror. Their Impact resistant Acrylic material is perfect in areas that are septuple to accidental damage and vandalism in public areas.

Full Dome Mirrors come with chain kits for suspension from ceiling in a cross way, providing four way viewing, horizontally mounted  to a ceiling for a clear  view or wall mounted at a T intersection end wall in a hallway or at the end of warehouse racking to assist fork lift drivers and other warehouse and freight equipment. Chain kits can be purchased to suit any height ceilings on request to suit there needs and requirements.

Half Dome mirrors provide a full 180 degree viewing.  Great for use at “T” intersections in hallways, hospitals, aged care facilities, childcare centres, shopping plazas, schools and railway stations to help prevent pedestrian accidents.  Half Dome mirrors are increasingly popular in retail as well or any other areas with a large volume of foot traffic and blind corners.

Quarter Dome Mirrors are designed to fit easily into most corners and  ceilings to provide a full 90 degree viewing area, making them perfect safety mirrors when installed at corner intersections and junctions, eliminating blind spots and preventing accidents and injury.

Watch this space for information and developments in safety mirror applications and technology.
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